Basic Market Essentials to Help You Increase Your Sales

Finding the right equipment can be difficult for new and seasoned vendors. Our tips will help you succeed at any event you choose to attend throughout your career.

We’ve researched various market and festival booth requirements throughout Texas to find what we believe are the basic equipment necessary to help you with developing your event booth in professional and safe ways.

The more professional your booth space appears, the more customers respond positively to your business.

NOTE: We do not receive referral compensation for any of the items listed and are not an affiliate company.

Starter 10×10 Straight Leg Canopy Tent

Where to Find: Academy Sports & Outdoors – Walmart

Cost: $75 to $100

White Top Commercial 10×10 Straight Leg Canopy Tent

Where to Find: EZ Up (Direct)

Cost: $329

EZ Up Tents are used by many large festivals. They’re built for commercial use, are easier to set up/take down, and come with better storage/travel bag with side walls for the tent.

Many times, popular local markets require conforming white top tents for their market booths.

Purchase EZ Up Tents directly from the manufacturer at

Tent Leg Weights

Where to Find: Academy Sports & Outdoors

Cost: $29.99/20 lbs box (4 – 5 lbs weights)

These weights are found in the same aisle as the canopy tents in the camping section. Many markets and festivals in our area require at least 25-30 lbs of weight per leg in case of windy conditions.

Many vendors are creative and will make their own weights or just use concrete cinder blocks to anchor a tent down with rope. These can work just as well or better, but these methods can be a process to create or difficult to haul. These leg weights are a nice alternative to get you by for now and you can still use other methods along with them for added security in windy conditions.

Best Option: EZ Up Tent Weight Bags – Get them from Amazon here.

These are one of the more commonly desired of the better outdoor markets. You’ll need to fill them with sand from Walmart or any hardware store. We wish for all of our outdoor vendors to start using these, along with tent staking when possible. One sandbag per leg of your tent is required.

Do not double bag 2 legs and leave the remaining 2 legs unweighted!


Commercial Folding Tables

Where to Find: Usually Walmart

Cost: About $40-50/per table

Walmart sells the same brand of “white” commercial folding tables as many other retailers do, but Walmart seems to have lower prices on their standard 6 ft tables. These “white” top tables seem to be of better quality than their black counterparts you’ll see them with in store. You’ll still want to make sure everything locks in place and will release prior to purchasing. You don’t want to find issues the day of your market.

Fitted Table Covers

Where to Find:  Try (recommended to me)

Cost: $10+


Table cloths seem like an easy purchase, but getting the right one for our weather conditions can be an expensive task. You want table covers to be long enough to hide your storage boxes, coolers, packaging supplies and anything else that may clutter your booth. You also need them to stay put in windy conditions and not to ruin if a rain cloud is overhead.


Custom Banners

Where to Find: Sign Quick; Seabrook, Texas or EZ Up

Cost: Varies

You definitely want to advertise who you are to market customers as they walk by and a nice looking banner that clearly states who you are and what you sell is key. Many markets have size maximums that are around 2×10ft to 3×10ft.

A 2×10 ft banners are hung from a canopy tent top on the inside back frame or outside front frame. A 2×6 or 3×6 ft banner is usually hung from a front facing table.

Seabrook, TX based graphics company, Sign Quick, offers affordable banners with a pretty quick turn-around time for standard orders.

EZ Up has a custom banner printing service that’s pretty reasonably priced as well and their banners are designed to be hung from their canopy tents. You’ll want to talk to them about pricing first.


Do’s & Don’ts of Setup:

These do’s and don’ts are a guide to help you setup your booth to be successful at our markets, as well as help become more safe for you and your customers. More details about equipment can be found in our policy here.

Indoor Don’ts:

Dividing curtains or drapes shouldn’t be used for small indoor venues. They hide neighboring booths, and pose a safety hazard to property and people in smaller venues. It’s also harder for customers to see beyond them in small areas creating a purchasing barrier and stops the free-flowing feel of an event.

However, larger trade show and convention style events may require “pipe and drape,” as well as other types of set ups that are more appropriate for those kind of events. Be sure to check each event’s policy to stay in compliance whichever one you are working.


Indoor Do’s:

Small, easily portable clothing racks and sign stands or easels are a better choice for hanging clothes and displaying signs, books and more, for small indoor venues than large retail grid and shelving systems and they pose less of a safety risk to property and people.

They also allow customers to easily see neighboring booths and the rest of the market which helps keep the free-flowing feel of the overall market, and customers buying.



Outdoor Don’ts:

It is absolutely important for vendors to have the proper weights attached to their tents. It’s only a matter of when for your tent to be lifted. Not having the proper weights, poorly placed weights or relying on staking alone will increase the risk of damage to property and people getting hurt.



Concrete Cinder Blocks are sometimes used to help support other weights used on tents. However, they need to be used responsibly. Be sure to check if cinder blocks are allowed to be used at any event you work.

The photo below shows unapproved weighting on the tent (left arrow) that is only at 5 lbs on the leg. It also shows unsafe use of the concrete cinder blocks (right arrow).


Outdoor Do’s:

Selling outdoors can be fun and challenging. However, you usually have more flexibility with your booth design. Outdoor events can be a great way to use your large grid and shelving systems, sidewalls as dividers, larger signage and more!


When vendors have professional, safe and well designed booth spaces, customers respond more positively and become more confident when shopping at events. It’s worth the additional cost for a well planned booth design.

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